TA-DA! IVSA symposium in Taiwan is now putting out our very first challenge for you to join.To participate, simply take a picture of you and your awesome pet(s) or even make a short footage of about your animal family member(s), then post it on your personal facebook page and remember to hashtag #2016IVSAinTaiwan.
If you don’t keep a pet, you can introduce the indigenous wildlife in your country instead. Lastly,tag three of your friends and invite them to join together! We will be picking winners from time to time and giving out awesome prizes! So what are you still waiting for? Come and let everyone around the world to get to know your pet!Welcome to 2016 IVSA symposium in Taiwan!

活動從7/24日開始自今,已經有許多國家的IVSA 朋友一同響應,讓我們來看看有那些朋友參與這項活動吧!

Waankaew Kaewjongkon


Jay-r Deypalubos


Claudine Terciño




Bayoi Yoi

JiaYing TG


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